What are Quick Reference Track Maps?

  • Quick Reference Track Maps are easy to use cheat sheets for learning new circuits in iRacing.
  • The VRS coaches run very fast times on circuits and create full-tutorials you can watch on https://virtualracingschool.com.  The Global MX-5 Cup tutorials are included with a FREE Membership.
  • The Quick Reference Maps are built from the tutorials so when you're done or if you haven't watched one, you can easily learn when to brake, when to shift, when to lift, when to accelerate and quickly learn the circuit
  • You can use them while in iRacing by displaying them on another screen, ipad, laptop or even print them out. It means you don't have to leave iRacing to learn the circuit.  You can check each section on the fly.
  • They are available as PDF's.

How Do I Get Them?

  • We are currently building them week-by-week for the remainder of the season.  And next season they will be available before the series starts.
  • We will be creating every track map for the Global MX-5 Cup and bonus maps for other series and cars initially.
  • For your convenience, we will be delivering them via email to your inbox each week.

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Why Do I Need Them?

  • If you are someone who wants to quickly learn new tracks without a lot of trial and error, these quick reference maps are a valuable tool.
  • If you just watched a VRS tutorial and got some great insight, these maps are an easy way to reinforce what you just learned.
  • If you're tired of having to go back and watch Youtube videos over and over to see what the aliens are doing, VRS coaches are the aliens you should be learning from.  The track maps are made from their super fast lap times and are easy to use while in iRacing.
  • If you want to quickly learn where to brake, what to look for, whether to be on the curb or off, when to lift and so much more... these quick reference maps will shorten the time it takes to get faster.

Do You Want To Learn New iRacing Circuits Faster?

Save TIME and Shorten the Learning Curve with VRS FREE "Quick Reference Track Maps"

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Here's How To Use Them!

  • Just subscribe to the weekly track map below.  As soon as you do, it will take you to the VRS download page where you get 3 FREE bonus maps instantly.
  • Then look for an email from us right away with the active Global MX-5 Cup map or the one for the coming week.
  • We will send you a FREE MX-5 Map every week and BONUS maps for other series as well.
  • You can use them while practicing iRacing by simply placing them on a laptop, iPad, or extra monitor.
  • Whenever you stop, just take a look at the reference points until you have the track down.
  • Also, they are even more effective after you've gone through the tutorial for the track by one of the VRS coaches.

Just Leave Your Full Name and Email In The Form Below and get INSTANT ACCESS to the BONUS Track Maps:

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